Bolvanka (version 1.1)

What is “Bolvanka”?

“Bolvanka” is our help to all the creators of the themes for WordPress. When working on a new topic, we do a lot of typical things: create all the necessary template file, enable / disable various functions, laying the css-foundation for the future topic. All this takes a fair amount of time from the developer. The solution was the creation of a standard billet for future excellent sites on WordPress, which we called “Bolvanka”. This is not a full-fledged topic yet, but it has everything you need to become one with your help!

Structure of version 1.1


  •  img

Topic Files:

  • header.php – Site header
  • sidebar.php – Side column
  • footer.php – The footer of the site
  • archive.php – Archive Template
  • page.php – Page Template
  • single.php – Single entry template
  • index.php – Home page template
  • functions.php – file with custom functions

“Under the hood”

  • Enable support for “widgets”
  • Enabled support for dynamic menu
  • Support for thumbnails
  • Built-in support for Jquery latest version
  • Removed extra information </ strong> from the “header” of the site
  • Added page navigation
  • Validity of html-code

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